“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” -Leo F. Buscaglia

hey i’d love to make some new friends, as all of mine are sleeping or with other friends. i have a kik that i’d be willing to give out if anyone wants to chat & meet someone new :3 message me if you want to talk!


if u don’t think music is important u need to remember that 13 dwarves convinced bilbo baggins to rob a dragon just by singing about it



there should be a two year period after high school where it is socially expected that kids not work or go to school or do anything but take road trips, read books, meet new people, and take lots of pictures

bitch u betta grow up witcha broke ass!!!!

"You think that you are so unique and special and weird, but the truth is that you are like everybody else. You drink coffee, use internet, own a smartphone, love cats, watch Netflix, wear black and eat at McDonald´s. You reblog melancholic pictures of bruises on legs and skinny boys inhaling cigarette smoke to your tumblr account. You listen to music made in USA and UK. You consider yourself as an artistic and irresponsible individual whose thoughts and dreams differ from majority. If someone asked about your goals in life, you would mention that you want to travel around the world, move to Spain and drink wine in the sunset with the love of your life. Like no one ever wanted that one. If someone asked about your personality , you would remember to promote yourself as a strange person, a fragile combination of a shy misunderstood kid and self-ironic intellectual. But if you saw a real eccentric one of a kind person , you would be terrified to death. He or she is not weird in a cool or entertaining way. You want to be happy and live like everyday is your last. Oh, you must be the only one who doesn´t want to die in misery. People are trying so hard to be original and all they can reach is believing the illusion they have created.”
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